Paper and plastic converting industries finally get an alternative to moving heavy rolls – Saving time, manpower & money!

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The ergonomically designed Adjustable Rollmaster utilizes Aero-Caster® technology to safely float heavy paper rolls on a cushion of air providing omni-directional movement: precise positioning; reduced risk of strain injuries; and the versatility for one operator to move multiple paper/plastic rolls of varying sizes. Seattle, Wa., July 26,2002 AeroGo, Inc., announces their latest industrial load moving equipment, the Adjustable Rollmaster. The new and...

The Need for Multi-tube Connectors

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Stephen Burrows – Pres. Twintec, Inc. Modern pneumatic systems have improved greatly in the last 20 years. Attention to air quality, better permanent lubrication and quality engineered components have produced more reliable, lower maintenance and more durable systems than ever before. It seems odd then, that with such a great increase in the design quality of modern pneumatic systems that one...

Series PS Reach & Pick Clamp Used For Panel Transfer Application

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In this progressive stamping application, PHD’s NEW Series PS Reach and Pick Clamp handles the loading and unloading of panels with a DOPPIN Shuttler machine. The Series PS Clamp removes the panel from the press and places it on a work holding station. Another Series PS Clamp and Doppin Shuttle machine will take the panel from the working holding...

Selecting and Sizing FRLs

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By H. M. Shawl Compressed air is widely used throughout industry and is often considered the fourth utility at many facilities. Uses include powering pneumatic tools, packaging and automation machinery, conveying and mixing bulk materials, spraying coatings, and providing breathing air Different tools and process operations require different pressures and purity levels. Air tools are designed to provide increased productivity,...

Oscillating Valve

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Application:  Hughes Company is an OEM of food processing machinery.  Most of the equipment they produce is for processing vegetables.  In order to maximize efficiency and throughput of product, this equipment requires frequent cleaning.  Hughes Company wanted to develop a more reliable cleaning system, to further improve their current product offering. In the old design, a long cable cylinder moved a high-pressure nozzle along...


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Pneumatic cylinders have long been recognized for their high speed capability, however, rarely are their limits tested to the extent that Hoerbiger-Origa rodless cylinders are in a unique application designed for the US defense industry. The Dragon Drone UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) system produced by BAI Aerosystems provides land and sea forces the ability to perform reconnaissance, surveillance, and battle...

Work Holding Device for Milling Machine

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In this application, two Series PA Clamps are used as an automated work holding device. After a part is properly placed in the milling machine, the arms of the Series PA Clamps swing and securely clamp down the part. This holds the part in place while a milling machine completes the process. When the milling is complete, the arms...

Regenerative Blowers

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Regenerative blowers are the ideal solution for moving large volumes of air at lower pressures or vacuums. Unlike positive displacement compressors and vacuum pumps, regenerative blowers "regenerate" air molecules through a non-positive displacement method to create vacuum or pressure. In the world of air handling equipment, regenerative blowers are probably the least understood of today's technologies, but when system...

Getting Heavy with Origa System Plus

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Electric Linear Drives Hoerbiger-Origa highly successful range of modular electric linear drives has been further expanded to include high capacity units for heavy-duty applications. The new OSP-EBHD, heavy-duty belt driven linear p actuator capitalizes on the established benefits of the existing range, providing extremely compact dimensions, a modular construction and p exceptional application flexibility. Featuring a rigid aluminum profile and a...


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Diagraph Corporation manufactures high-performance labeling systems for the most demanding of industrial applications. These labeling systems are designed for high speed, high-volume applications. Diagraph allows customers to automate their product identification, tracking, shipment addressing, and bar-coding processes. The labeling systems apply labels to single or adjacent sides of a carton or pallet. Diagraph utilizes a Hoerbiger-Origa AZV cylinder in...