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New Rodless Cylinders performs “below” standard

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Low temperature capability down to –40 deg Rodless Iced
As part of it’s ongoing rodless cylinder development program, KV’s latest variation to its “Ultraline” series of rodless cylinders is a unique heated cylinder allowing the cylinders to operate effectively at temperatures as low as –40 deg C.
Designed primarily for use within the Railway industry, where extremes of temperature can cause pneumatic cylinders to leak, and thus cause failures to pneumatic door systems, KV’s novel approach has been to integrate a heater element into the cylinder body itself, thus maintaining the ambient temperature around the cylinder at +5 deg C.
Having undergone trials in some of the harshest winter conditions, the new heated cylinder has proven reliable at temperatures as low as –40 deg C. The cylinder requires only a standard voltage input and the unique heater design is self regulating, therefore drawing only the current it requires
to maintain its temperature.
“This design places KV in a very enviable position,” advises Andrew Hough, KV’s project Director, “with the opportunity for new applications to utilize cost effective pneumatics within sub zero applications.” Available in a variety of sizes ranging from 40,50 & 63mm bores and up to 6M
stroke lengths, and requiring a supply voltage of 110V AC or 220V AC, the new addition to KV’s Ultraline cylinder range is set to offer customers unrivalled opportunities.

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