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Clayton W. Fryer, IMI NORGREN, Littleton, Colorado Abstract: The cost of compressed air continues to be a very elusive subject in industrial applications. The notion that compressed air is free is a common misconception. Countless attempts at making end users aware of the costs to produce compressed air have largely been ignored. It seems that Operations Managers are concerned with the...

New Anti-Static Air Knife with 30% Better Performance

Anit Static Air Knife

EXAIR’s new Gen4 Standard Ion Air Knife eliminates static electricity 30% better at low inlet pressures which saves compressed air and money. Production speeds, product quality and surface cleanliness can improve dramatically. It eliminates static on plastics, webs, sheet stock and other product surfaces where tearing, jamming or hazardous shocks are a problem. Gen4 products have undergone independent laboratory...

Bimba Launches AIROS™ Family of Air Preparation


Bimba’s new AIROS family of air preparation products expands their air preparation catalog by adding a new Premium series (PG) to the existing MG series of filters, regulators, lubricators, and accessories. The PG series of compressed air filters, regulators, lubricators, and accessories offers: -NEW micro-fog lubricator options – Micro-fog lubricators create a very fine mist of oil, which can travel longer, more...

Association of Equipment Manufacturers Works to Build the Next Generation of Our Workforce by Awarding $50,000 in Grants to Non-Profit Organizations


MILWAUKEE (December 9, 2019) – Five non-profit organizations developing the future of the manufacturing and trades workforces were awarded $10,000 each at the Association of Equipment Manufacturers’ (AEM) 2019 Annual Conference as part of their Next Gen Grant Program. The winning organizations focused on training for and encouraging careers in construction, manufacturing, technician service, and business and financial skills...