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Modified Material Transfer Pumps Won’t Unravel or Unwrap Wrapped Materials

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The KV Vacuum Shop offers a new, modified material transfer pump that providespackaging automation professionals with the ability to move various types of wrapped materials from one place to another without unwrapping or unraveling. Powered by compressed air, the modified material transfer pumps are ideal for automating the bulk packaging operations for wrapped foods, confectionary, and medical products such as surgical swabs.

By modifying the internal orifices of the material transfer pump, KV can
direct the airflow pattern to control which way the product spins as it
passes through the pump ensuring that the product stays wrapped. The
material transfer pumps offer instantaneous vacuum flow and high air
velocity allowing material to pass through at high speeds without
interference. Depending on the product size and shape, KV recommends
pulsing the air to unscramble materials and eliminate clogging.

The material transfer pump is a safe and efficient alternative for
transferring products direct to assembly or packing areas.

Material transfer pumps are available in anodised aluminium in 14 standard
sizes, with internal diameters from 3.2mm to 50mm, and vacuum flow rates
from 90 nl/min. to 8500 nl/min. Consult factory for custom sizes, optional
internal or external threaded ends, and alternative materials such as
stainless steel.

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