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Pneumatic positioning with pulse sensors

Staccato Technologies

The Swedish pneumatics company, Staccato Technologies is releasing a new function for their flexible positioning unit FPU – Support for pulse sensors.

Fleming Pedersen Dambo, CEO at Staccato Technologies explains; Our positioning unit is getting very popular in the automation industry, and with users all around the globe, we have great source of input from our various users. One such request has been to implement support for pulse sensors. Our system is very simple to use and install, you use a standard pneumatic actuator, our positioning unit, and a position sensor. The self-explanatory software enable all types of settings, like speed, force, acceleration etc.

One issue that has come to our attention is that the commonly used magnet sensors get costly when you have longer strokes, and they are typically also limited to max 1m stroke. To overcome this, we have used laser sensors, wire sensors etc, but we were not completely satisfied in all applications.

So we decided to develop an interface for pulse sensors. Pulse sensors are accurate and do not really increase in cost with stroke. One difference to the 4-20mA sensors we commonly use is that the pulse sensor need to be calibrated after shutdown, and we have put all the various options on calibration that we can think about in the software, so the users can choose freely.

The new functionality is available as a standard option on all units shipped after August 1st. older units can be updated with a new version of the firmware and PC-software.

A video example can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1POUlF7zUiY

Staccato Technologies is a valve company that develops and manufactures Valves and Valve Controls for Industrial Applications, Commercial Vehicle, and Textile Applications. Staccato is part of the same industry group as Aros Electronics and IRO.

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