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    Well have enough domestic auto makers gone bankrupt yet. GM, Chrysler Are enough people out of work yet. Who will be next. Perhaps Ford. To compete in the global economy we need to be competitive.

    Here is one way to help do just that
    from APIL

    Lubricator keeps watch on pneumatic system health
    Features of the Watchdog lubricator may reduce cost significantly, by increasing throughput, reducing downtime and capital equipment expenditure on replacing pneumatic systems.
    Our Watchdog Lubricator will out perform competing lubricators because a plc can detect oil drop dispensing rate.
    A feedback signal can be programmed via the machine’s PLC to alert operator if oil is getting low. We intend to award a state territory for 1 contingency sale.

    Norgren, Watts and Wiley Vogel representatives have seen the prototype in operation around 1996.

    Do you people in the pneumatics business want a lubricator to work. Oh yeah that is right if they worked better that would cut into the multi billion dollar market for valves and cylinders since they should last longer.


    Where can I see more information on this?


    Why air cylinders fail By Ernie Lunski, Parker Hannifin Corporation Insufficient lubrication Catastrophic failure can also occur when cylinder seals have insufficient lubrication.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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