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    A robot can success work is not only it can meet objective but also has to consider efficiency and performance. And it will depend on how to put these puzzles (like gripping and cutting components) together and make it work very efficient and cost-saving.
    So EOAT design is very important for robot system although EOAT components are not very expensive for whole robot project.
    EOAT have to consider as follow things
    Normally, we use pneumatic grippers for grip force and hard to reach areas on a part. So we can use ACY vacuum cups and pneumatic grippers together in order to pull large plastic parts from an injection mold or a high speed palletizing system. Above items will mounted on the frame to properly grip the part and easily securely moved for continuous operation.
    Some plastic parts need to be manipulated during assembly or packaging operation or after injection mold. Then, you may need cutting tools for continuous this operation. The more qualify ACY gate cutters you use then the more cost-saving and efficiency you will get.

    So we have to really consider what is most cost-saving and performance we need for our robot. Not only brand name EOAT components can meet your target but also ACY product can meet your needs.
    The more standard EOAT components you can get from ACY and the more you can do by yourself with EOAT, the less your cost and time you will expend.

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