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    Hello everyone, for fun I'm building a small automated assembly station in my bedroom. A big part of automation is fluid power. That being said, I want to make sure I add some safety features into my Pneumatic line so I don't blow a hole in my roof.

    Attached you'll see an image of my proposed schematic.
    It consists of the following:
    1) Small hobby 12v 120psi Air Compressor with NO tank or safety features. Just a quick connect for a hose.
    2) I purchased a tank to connect to my compressor. It is just a 2 gallon tank with two 1/4" NPT ports. No pressure relief or any other safety device.
    3) The output from the tank will run into an Air Pressure Regulator
    4) From here I will run directly into my solenoid valve
    5) Pneumatic Cylinder

    I know I probably need at least a pressure relief and/or a shutoff lever.
    I am completely new to fluid power, so I'm not sure what spec/ guidelines here are.
    I assume the pressure relief valve would be for backpressure, so after the tank?
    Then before the tank would be a shutoff valve (lever) so I can disconnect the compressor

    Do you guys have any input?
    Anything would be appreciated!

    Thanks (:


    Hi, there are lot of things to consider when building a system. I would suggest you go through some online training sites to learn more before you begin.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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