PHD Automation Components Stop, Push, Lift, & Clamp Parts in Stamping Application 

PHD's NEW Series PDG Disappearing Gages, NEW Series PDK Crowders, NEW Series PLL Lite Lifters, and Series GRM Clamps are used to automate a progressive stamping process. 

In this application, metal panels are fed down a ramp where the Series PDG Gage extends to stop the panel. The Series PDK Crowders then extend, pushing the panel up against the gages or hard stops. Once the crowders precisely locate the panel, the Series GRM Clamps grasp the panel and move it to the next station as the crowders and gages retract for the next blank to be loaded. 

During the stamping process, panels occasionally stick to the lower die and need to be popped loose. PHD's Series PLL Lite Lifters, mounted to the lower die, extend to loosen the panel so the Series GRM Clamps can grasp the panel and move it to the next stage of processing.

Series PDG Gages
PHD's Series PDG features a simple, rugged design and is ideal for stopping and positioning sheet metal panels or other parts. The gage's compact design allows it to fit inside a progressive die where it will retract or "disappear" from the work area as panels move to the next stage of processing. Units are available in six stroke lengths (50, 80, 100, 125, 160, & 200 mm) and are powered by an ISO/VDMA cylinder. Other standard features include adjustable cushions, magnetic piston, built-in rod compliance, hardened impact guide bar, and self-lubricating bearing system.

Series PDK Crowders
PHD's newly released Series PDK Crowder is designed to absorb high impact forces and is ideal for pushing sheet metal panels into location for precise positioning. The crowder's rugged construction, ISO/VDMA cylinder, and built-in rod compliance provide long life to withstand the rigors of locating panels in presses and other demanding applications. The Series PDK Crowder is available in six stroke lengths (50, 80, 100, 125, 160, & 200 mm), offer a low cost of ownership, and ship in one working day from receipt of order.

Series PLL Lite Lifters
PHD's NEW Series PLL Lite Lifter is ideal for lifting light metal panels off lower dies in stamping presses and is available in six stroke lengths (50, 80, 100, 125, 160, & 200 mm). The Series PLL Lifter's compact size allows the unit to fit inside the die, close to the panel, to accommodate short tooling arms. The unit's rugged construction, energy absorbing bearings, and ISO/VDMA cylinder provides dependable performance in harsh operating environments.