Diagraph Corporation manufactures high-performance labeling systems for the most demanding of industrial applications. These labeling systems are designed for high speed, high-volume applications. Diagraph allows customers to automate their product identification, tracking, shipment addressing, and bar-coding processes. The labeling systems apply labels to single or adjacent sides of a carton or pallet. Diagraph utilizes a Hoerbiger-Origa AZV cylinder in label application and secondary wipe functions.

 Based upon testing comparison, Diagraph discovered that the Hoerbiger-Origa AZV cylinder offered performance advantages over traditional rod-style cylinders with external linear guides. For instance, speed is a major concern in labeling applications. Testing determined that a majority of a cylinder's cycle time for an externally guided cylinder is spent trying to stop the cylinder and bring it back to its home position. This time delay is minimized with the Hoerbiger-Origa cylinder. The AZV cylinder has allowed Diagraph to achieve application rates in excess of 110 labels/minute. The cylinder also provided other benefits: non-rotating - helps maintain placement accuracy; rugged/durable - economical, long life, low maintenance.
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